Monday, 30 November 2015

App Review Exchange Sites Review

I have gotten into App review exchange sites lately where app developers exchange reviews for each other's apps. There are a number of these sites now, so how do they stack up?

The first one I tried was

AppReview.Me    (iOS)

At first I was receiving four reviews a day but that has dropped off to about one every 3 months. You generally get a burst of reviews after you update your app though. Their may also be a problem submitting new apps. Apple used to give 9 digit id numbers to apps but now new apps get 10 digit id numbers. Last time I tried to submit a new app to AppReview.Me  I had problems. The websites ability to track reviews is wonderful. This was the first website of its kind and most of the others have copied its features.

Next I tried

ReviewsMotion (iOS & Android)

I am getting about 2 reviews a day off this site. The review tracking is easy to use and informative. This is my favourite site at the moment. (iOS)
I am getting about one review every 2 days off this site. The review tracking is okay but not as good as ReviewsMotion.

Install4Install (iOS & Android)
I am getting about one review every 10 days off this site. The review tracking is okay but not as good as the others.

The review tracking on this site is broken. Every review you do gets assigned to the wrong App. I think I got one review from this site but it is hard to tell.


  1. Really nice article on promoting your iOS app. I found it very useful. I am promoting my App on the first two sites now.

  2. Very comprehensive. Anyone know more of these? There has to more.

  3. I have tried these all i get > 20 per day.... so to be china product its best anyhow...
    believe me, tried even paid versions of install4install, max 5 per day... smooth gives 2 per day with paid you get 4.... soo believe me